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Foodies Asheville FAQs

What is Foodies Asheville?
Foodies Asheville is a new service that provides exclusive offers and promotions from great local dining, drinking, and entertainment venues - all delivered as text messages to your cell phone.

How do you get such great deals?
Smart Asheville establishment owners want to encourage an active group of passionate local "foodies," so they provide us with great deals to offer you. The result: Foodies Asheville members get to experience new dining, drinking, and entertainment venues at great prices and establishments get to show off their stuff to new customers. Everybody wins.

Why my phone?
Your phone is the best way to receive Foodies Asheville deals for a bunch of reasons:
1) You'll be notified instantly when a new deal arrives.
2) As long as you have your phone, you have your deals with you. No more carrying around coupons clipped from newspapers or printed from the computer - if you can remember to bring them! Your Foodies Asheville deals go where you go.
3) Redeeming a deal is as simple as showing up to the establishment with your phone!

Wow, cool. So how does it work?
Just sign up right here and you're all set! Enter your mobile phone number and zip code, and choose the categories from which you want to receive Foodies Asheville deals.

What kind of deals will I get?
Each deal will be different, but all share a common trait: they're really great. Participating establishments choose from a list of special Foodies Asheville deals, so you won't find them anywhere else.

Does everyone receive the same deals?
No. Participating establishments choose how many Foodies Asheville subscribers to send their deals to: it can be anywhere from 100 subscribers to 1000 or more! In other words, a certain establishment's deal may only reach a fraction of the entire Foodies Asheville subscriber list. So, if you and a friend each signed up to Foodies Asheville, you might each receive deals from different establishments in any given week.

How many will I get?
You will receive no more than 2 deals each week for each category that you select. Some weeks you might receive one deal. Some weeks you may receive none. But you'll never receive more than two from any category.

How do I redeem a deal?
Just show the host or wait staff your Foodies Asheville deal (the actual text message on your phone) when you arrive at the establishment. They will note the 6-digit coupon code embedded in the message and verify it using our automated system. Please note that only one deal per table is redeemable at restaurants.

Can I redeem the same deal more than once?
No, each deal is only redeemable once.

Does a deal apply to just me or to my friends and family too?
Each deal applies to only you, unless it says otherwise in the text message. So tell them to sign up to Foodies Asheville, too!

Can I forward a deal to my friend?
No, you cannot. Only valid Foodies Asheville deals will be accepted at the establishment. Valid deals will always display the phone number 75667 as the "sender" of the text message.

I accidently deleted my deal to Restaurant XYZ - can you send me another one?
Unfortunately we cannot. Due to the complexity of sending out deals to mobile phones and the high number of Foodies Asheville subscribers, once a deal gets sent out we are unable to re-send it.

I signed up for deals from one category, but now I want deals from other category, too.
Easy! Simply visit the main page, type in your phone number and zip code again, and pick your new category choices.

Does Foodies Asheville work with my specific mobile phone? Do I need an iPhone or Blackberry?
If you have a text messaging plan with your mobile phone service, you can receive Foodies Asheville deals! Any phone will work.

Are Foodies Asheville text messages free?
Foodies Asheville does not charge its members to use the service. As always, your standard text messaging rates apply.

How do I get my favorite establishment(s) to sign up?
Tell them to visit and click the "Restaurant Registration" link at the top of any page.

How can I stop receiving Foodies Asheville deals?
Simply reply to any Foodies Asheville message with the word OUTAVL.

Who's the brains behind this operation?
Foodies Asheville is a service of Skoop!, a Long Island-based mobile marketing company, in collaboration with Link2Tek, our Asheville-based partner.

I have a question.
We have the answer. Send us your questions and comments right here.
To update your preferences, just fill out the form again. Foodies deals may not be combined with any other offers, and only one coupon per table will be accepted.
Coupons may only be redeemed once and forwarded coupons will not be honored. You will receive no more than 2 messages per week per category selected.
Standard message and data rates apply. To opt-out, reply with the word OUTAVL to any message.